Why You Should Use A Courier Service.

A courier company is one which delivers parcels, documents or items that need extra attention such as paintings or antiques or anything that is supposed to be delivered urgently, Often on the same day.

Using a courier service can make your life much easier due to the fact that they can collect your parcels  on short notice and deliver them on the same day or next day as chosen by you. Which can save you a lot of time by not queuing up at the post office and carrying the heavy burden of your parcel.

Courier service can be ideal for businesses or  someone working from home as they are the ones who need this service most.  Since this the best way to provide an excellent customer service by despatching someone's item on the day and their client receives it on the same day. It just can't be better than this.

Especially since the world of ecommerce is evolving around delivery times, offering a same day courier service can be highly beneficial for a business as it reduces customer waiting times and makes it highly likely for a potential client to place an order considering the fact that this individual will receive their order instantly.

Although this service comes at a higher price but it also increases company's turnover significantly since they will receive plenty more orders by offering a same day or next day delivery to their customer and it also offers peace of mind as the items are fully tracked and the sender receives a notification as soon as the items have been delivered.

We have also realised the fact that residential people do use courier services quite often for urgent documents, passport or lost keys delivery. We have delivered at least 100 passports and 200 keys this year alone and many urgent contracts or documents to the solicitors.

SendThru Courier - One Stop Solution For All Your Needs.

By using SendThru Courier for your parcel delivery, You know that your parcel is in safe hands and will be delivered on the time every time. We aim to collect your parcel within 60 minutes from anywhere in London and deliver it to anywhere in the UK on the same day. Sounds too good to be true? Just try us and if you're not happy then we'll give you your money back.

How can we help you or your business.

Our business model is designed on providing a tailor made solution to every delivery need that someone would have. We have a range of vehicles and a highly capable and efficient workforce which makes it possible for us to cater every request that we receive on daily bases. Our main priority is to focus on the best service possible so you can have one less thing to worry about.

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